17 January

The Spammers Are Back

By OccamsRayzor

We're seeing a rise in spam posts again.

Recently there have been some new spam posts appearing in reply to these blog entries. I've been deleting them as they arise, but in case I miss any, please let me know if you see any yourself that have slipped under the radar. Curiously, unlike past spammers, these are not by user accounts which can then be banned, but are obviously anonymous posters. Some of the made up names contain links to other websites, so please don't encourage them by visiting them.

Given its poor state of repair, this site is fairly difficult to maintain and it's made harder by the ability of anonymous posters to create content, but I'll continue doing what I can.

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pastormaxwell Posted 23.1.2017
Don't give up or give in! Ipeace.us was very important to me, but the moderators were too lax about nuisance spammers...They RUINED our whole network, and we were just starting out! Do whatever you have to...Maybe spamhaus.org has some tips if you have not looked at their page...I totally appreciate stripgenerator...Thanks for being here.
OccamsRayzor Posted 22.1.2017
... and I just keep on deleting them.
richard_burkhart Posted 22.1.2017
Sometimes people are just jerks.
abrotons Posted 20.1.2017
and we thank you Ray
Elgar Posted 20.1.2017
You are the best! Cheer up and keep up the good work! :)
OccamsRayzor Posted 19.1.2017
Thanks, Neo - yours is the only non-spam related comment so far :-)
NeoChomik Posted 19.1.2017
There's only so little a one man can do Occams. I know from experience.

But i hope we will manage to cut out this cancerous tissue