28 November

It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.

By OccamsRayzor

Our sensors are detecting an unknown disturbance on the surface...

Well, things at Strip Generator are still plodding along, despite all the bugs and glitches we've seen this year. It's good to see new people coming along and learning what the site can still do, and making some great strips. Keep 'em coming folks, as long as we're up and running.

You know, this site still has great potential and is crying out for someone to take over the hosting, put in some tender loving care, and bring the old girl back to her former glory. Any offers?

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EcoloPeenewep Posted 9.5.2017
firelordA2 Posted 31.12.2016
err software I mean
firelordA2 Posted 31.12.2016
hmm if someone would own this, would be cool to see this get extended features and maybe become a program
julian724 Posted 13.12.2016
@neochomik, the devs dont care about this site. They've left it to rot. I've said before that being able to submit items for theme packs would be good, then they got rid of the entire fucking store
NeoChomik Posted 11.12.2016
If we want SG to get any offers to purchase, we need to have it cleaned up. I am sorry to be the pessimist in the bunch, but this site's days are numbered. If we could show the devs that it can still make money, maybe they would clean up the act, BUT THEY WON'T EVEN FIX THE OPTION TO DO SO.
snakeoil Posted 5.12.2016
an other thing that sucks here is ppl will friend you and while you support them they seem to ignore you oh sure once in a while they might rate or comment but it seems that if you're not in some in crowd you get passed
it's dishaertning
richard_burkhart Posted 29.11.2016
I've found some useful tutorials just looking around. Several very thoughtful people have them faved. I love digging around in the stuff that was done before I discovered SG. Thanks to OccamsRayzor for his tutorials, and you can bet I will be looking at MrTerrorKillers.
MrTerrorKiller Posted 29.11.2016
Lol and mine http://stripgenerator.com/booklet/9446/tutoriles/
OccamsRayzor Posted 28.11.2016
There are heaps of tutorials, snakeoil - here are mine:
snakeoil Posted 28.11.2016
maybe more tutorials so more people could make better strips
Fabiolars Posted 28.11.2016
Sorry I don´t have a good ideas but It´s nice to see new people and awesome strips :D