8 March

Mystery Outage

By OccamsRayzor

The site was down today

The site was down today, and inaccessible for a quite a few hours. At this time, no other information is available.

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richard_burkhart Posted 31.10.2016
And I only just discovered the site. =(
NeoChomik Posted 11.3.2016
It's not the first time, nor the last.

It's dying, because the devs are no longer intrested in this site, but instead of pulling the plug, they decided they will just let it die out on it's own... or someone buy it from them
OccamsRayzor Posted 9.3.2016
thecomedyhen Posted 9.3.2016
Looks like we going to have to draw pictures by hand and whatsapp them to each other :)