15 October

Spam Patrol - You Can Help

By OccamsRayzor

The spammers are making another assault.

There has a been a resurgence of spam posts recently. Most of these have been posts on this blog, because it allows anyone to comment, even non-members. I check every day and delete them as I see them. There have been a few spammers who actually signed up with usernames, but I managed to get them banned after a single post. There were also a couple of instances where they made the extra effort of actually making a strip to sell their rubbish, but these were also banned and the strips deleted.

If you see any instances yourself, please let me know by private message, and I will deal with it ASAP. Traffic on the site is at an all-time low, but there's no reason to let the spammers use it as their personal toilet.

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tyronecarino100 Posted 15.11.2015
Website never gets old,
Spamming always gets old.
kingjulien Posted 1.11.2015
maybe you could add a flag icon for each strip, post and profile page. to report any spam, just click that flag. each flagged strip, post or an account, will be invisible to public / other member and visible to admin / moderator only.
Erwinator Posted 28.10.2015
I have the same. Also those accounts always have the same layout indeed.
OccamsRayzor Posted 21.10.2015
@Neo - Yes, they're getting blown away on a daily basis :)
NeoChomik Posted 21.10.2015
I think no comment spammers are going out and cause mischief but i recently get a lot of friend invitations from random people who never make strips.

they way their description in profile looks, I assume that it's a work of account making bot, that spams friend requests and such.

but i might be wrong
OccamsRayzor Posted 16.10.2015
@Erwinator - No, I'm on top of it, but appreciate any help if you see any.
Erwinator Posted 16.10.2015
Great job! I haven't seen it yet. Is it really bad again?
maxactioncomix Posted 16.10.2015
We appreciate everything you do on this site :)
Azzie13 Posted 16.10.2015
You are doing a great job! Thank you for keeping this website alive !
abrotons Posted 16.10.2015
MadameCercle Posted 16.10.2015

(Thank you for your work !)
cirkuz Posted 16.10.2015
i will comply fully!
Fabiolars Posted 16.10.2015
Ok. Thank you!