23 July

Could the end be in sight?

By OccamsRayzor

Things are not looking good for Flash based sites.

Recently Mozilla's popular browser, Firefox, unilaterally blocked all versions of Flash. It looks extremely likely that Chrome will follow suit, as Google has been quite vocal about its concerns of Adobe Flash's security issues. If that happens, then all other browsers based on the Chrome code (such as Opera) will be affected, as well.

If we really are seeing the end of Flash, then I'm sad to say it doesn't bode well for Strip Generator, which relies on Adobe Flash Player to create strips.

I should say that I'm only guessing here, because I've been unable to get in contact with the SG creators/owners for many months. However, given that the existing bugs and issues remain unresolved after quite some time, if Flash is abandoned and left to die, then it is highly unlikely SG will survive.

I will continue to try and contact the owners, and will let you know if there is any news.


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Doll Posted 2.8.2016
That's really sad. Where should we all meet up in case of site downage? I would like to be able to keep up with a lot of you all!
stihl Posted 25.12.2015
What if there would be an SG icon like, to download it on desktop, that doesnt need any internet browsers, but it's directly connected to the internet...
(the idea would sound much beter if i could explain it on my language)
tyronecarino100 Posted 15.11.2015
Looks scary. If Flash dies, we won't have flash games except for 3D ones that are made with Unity.
maxactioncomix Posted 6.10.2015
But how does flash have security issues?
maxactioncomix Posted 6.10.2015
@fire haha so true XP
OccamsRayzor Posted 5.10.2015
@max - that's just Firefox being overcautious, I'm afraid. :)
maxactioncomix Posted 5.9.2015
I use firefox and when I click create a strip, it works but it shows this http://prntscr.com/8cxfvd
A2H Posted 1.9.2015
i cri evry tiem
firelordA2 Posted 19.8.2015
make a program already geeperz
OccamsRayzor Posted 14.8.2015
Here's some more info about the future of Flash
julian724 Posted 13.8.2015
This is bad. If this is the end I will cry about it. I've been on this sight since I was seven, a lot of my childhood was spent on here. There was a community that is slowly dying...this site needs a revival! I SAID IT BEFORE AND I'LL SAY IT AGAIN "AS LONG AS THIS SITE IS STILL RUNNING I'M GONNA FIND A WAY TO MAKE COMICS"! In the mean time, I'll be downloading my old strips.
Zuber Posted 8.8.2015
it was great while it lasted
and let's go out with a bang :)
abrotons Posted 27.7.2015
porque he sido incapaz de ponerme en contacto con los creadores / propietarios de SG durante muchos meses. Sin embargo, dado que los errores y problemas existentes siguen sin resolverse después de bastante tiempo, si flash es abandonado y se le deja morir, entonces es muy poco probable que SG sobreviva. Yo continuaré intentando ponerme en contacto con los propietarios, y os haré saber si hay alguna noticia.
abrotons Posted 27.7.2015
Si eso sucede, entonces se verán afectados todos los otros navegadores basados en el código de Chrome (como Opera), también. Si realmente estamos viendo el final de Flash, entonces me entristece decir que no augura nada bueno para StripGenerador, que se basa en Adobe flash Player para crear tiras. Debo decir que sólo estoy suponiendo,
abrotons Posted 27.7.2015
Las cosas no pintan bien para los sitios basados en Flash. Recientemente el popular navegador de Firefox,Mozilla, ha bloqueado unilateralmente todas las versiones de Flash. Parece muy probable que Chrome siga su ejemplo, ya que Google ha sido muy expresivo sobre su preocupación con los problemas de seguridad de Adobe Flash.
craigdragon Posted 25.7.2015
Hey, how about we have a new contest? Just to keep people's mind off of everything a little.
Rude Posted 24.7.2015
>.> You know you can just instal old flash player, disable security on firefox and endjoy flash games/sites?
TitiVonTranz Posted 24.7.2015
Hopefully it isn't the end; I use Firefox and I can still use the site at the moment. Does keep asking me to block Flash, though.

Will keep on going and keep saving my strips. XXX
Fabiolars Posted 24.7.2015
It´s sad think that this place turn on the end :(
cirkuz Posted 24.7.2015
craigdragon Posted 24.7.2015
It wouldn't surprise me either. Still, my computer gives me the option to allow Adobe Flashplayer, but who knows how long that'll last.
NeoChomik Posted 23.7.2015
I don't think it's as critical. Flash is still a MAJOR part of internet. Is it outdated? probably.

Btw. Anyone tried to invade private space of Andraz like on Facebook?
cirkuz Posted 23.7.2015
if the owners were making a ton of cash off this site i bet they'd be all over this problem...
instead it just like its all over...